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Ok, I'll cover this in order:

Prepare your site - It's something almost no one who uses Nova ever does, and Nova's author kind of "hid" where to do it. First look in application/config for a file called nova.php and load it into a text editor, you'll be able to find a couple of lines  starting around line 44 that sort of look like:

$config['meta_desc']        = "Hogwarts, an original character rpg set in the world of Harry Potter";
$config['meta_author']        = "Johnathan Heartseed";
$config['meta_keywords']    = " hogwarts, potter, harry potter, rpg, theta, fleet, thetafleet, magic";

When you look at these on your site, they'll be filled with Anodyne garbage, totally useless and making it hard for the search engines to accurately guide people to your site, that needs fixed!

The first of these lines is used to fill in the description that the search engines (and places like facebook) will put when they show your link.  No one cares about premiere junk, they want a description of your site.

Author shouldn't be Anodunce, it's who runs the sim.

Keywords are things related to your sim that people might search for your sim with. The further along the list the less relevant the keyword is. More keywords isn't better because the longer the list, the more diluted all those keywords will be. Limit yourself to 9 at most.

Just a little further down are the settings for the RSS feed, you should set at least the description to match the one you set above and the creator email to be the email address that your site sends mail out on.

Once you're done with that, save the file and upload it to your hosting, and your site is a lot more searchable.

The next step is to get yourself listed.  You can just sit around and wait and eventually an engine will stumble across your site from a link in your fleet's main site, but I've always been the impatient sort.

Visit DMOZ to list your site.  Make sure you find the right category for your game, there are a few of them, but only suggest your site once or your site could get banned or removed! Once listed, some of the search engine spiders will start crawling your site in under 2 hours, others might take longer to get there, but it's still faster than just waiting.