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These examples are ads that COs have submitted for the Ad Blaster rotation.

Title: Welcome to Stargate Faleu base!
Ad Text:

We are representing Earth's interests in the Fenris galaxy and exploring what the Ancients left behind here. After encountering an alien race who just invaded our base we are vigilant about our surroundings and you will be in the thick of it. Our world is unexplored so we will be checking it out first then surveying Fenris' stargate network but we also just discovered Ancient scientific laboratories inside the mountain our castle-like base is built into so you can assist in investigating their purpose as well.
You will be a member of a team but have base duties while not on offworld missions or you can use a non-playable character for that if you wish, simply ask.
Hope to see you there at
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Title: Making the world a better place, one tech problem at a time.
Ad Text:

Introducing the USS Archimedes: a unique engineering-variant of the Prometheus class. We've scrapped the marine division and the Starfighters to make room for more labs, perfect for all the scientists and engineers out there. So, science and technology is your thing, you’re in the right place. The Archimedes is a lighthearted sim with a focus on character development, and, most importantly, fun! We are run by an experienced, open-minded command staff who are always open to new ideas and the crew’s input. Join the Archimedes today!
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Title: A tropical paradise
Ad Text:

The planet is paradise: lush tropical vegetation, clean white sand beaches, plenty of food and water. It would be perfect, if the crew knew who they were and how they got there. And what happened to their ship.

Join the USS Calypso and help piece together the puzzle.
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Title: An out of the way colony
Ad Text:

Wedged between Federation space, the Romulan Star Empire and Otomi, referred to by merchants as “New Tortuga,” lies Tiuanaco, a newly discovered system rich in plants, minerals and ancient ruins -- both under the earth and under the sea. With the nearby Wiracocha Nebula, it’s the perfect location for a colony focused on scientific exploration and colonization.

This “new frontier” is the home of Inti Colony, a blend of both old and new with reconstructed Mayan temples, a Mayan-inspired observatory and neo-traditional farming working side-by-side with advanced research and development technology. But the rustic peace is frequently shattered by pirates, politics and predators. With limited resources and Federation help far away, it is up to the colonists from all areas of the galaxy to work together to solidify their place in the sector.

Do you have what it takes to forge a new frontier? Come and join the adventure!
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Title: Visit Benihana\'s! Oh, wait, the Bennington.
Ad Text:
USS Bennington:

Join a ship sharing the Original Trek that started it all; the USS Bennington is looking for crew that enjoyed Original Television Series. Set in the second year of the Enterprise 5 year mission the Bennington will be exploring and encountering the unknown. ‘The Enterprise was one of roughly 12 ships of her class’ Kirk was noted as saying. The USS Bennington is one of those ships. The Klingons are enemies; they share technology and ship designs with the Romulans and the Universe is still very somewhere no one has gone before.

Set in 2267 the USS Bennington is under the Command of Robert B. Maxum; leading his crew through the types of adventures that helped spark generations. True to ‘Gene’s’ vision the Bennington is out to further that early dream, and have fun exploring what he set up.

Bennington is a new ship and Chief positions as well as enlisted are open for the application. You can be like Scotty as the Chief Engineer, Like Bones McCoy the Chief Medical Officer or brave the Chief of Security for a crew heading into the unknown. All applications welcome, here is a chance to be like the Original Trek crew when the universe seemed larger with each encounter could be friend or Foe depending on how the Crew approaches the task at hand?

Commander Robert B Maxum
Commanding Officer
USS Bennington

USS Bennington:
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Ad Text:

In the wake of near complete annihilation, the universe's superpowers stood united on one front against one common enemy. All past conflicts and transgressions forgiven, where power and greed no longer was the driving force, where the only thing that mattered....was survival.

A formidable force stands on the doorstep of earth led by a ruthless, faceless enemy known only as the Evincar threatening the existence of anyone whom refuses to submit to them. Humans, Klingons, Romulans, Cardassians, Bajorans and members from countless other species stand firmly opposed, ready to protect what their ancestors fought so hard to create.

This would be the war to end all wars, the war to unite the universe in peace, to finally banish evil from the depths of which it came.

But this story would not have a happy ending. In the year 2590, earth now stands as a symbol of tragedy, a graveyard of souls lost in the great conflict. As a rememberance of the day the universe and time seemed to have stopped....

And then, out of the destruction comes hope. Captain Natasha Kensington, a stalwart commander loyal to the Federation emerges with a crew from all walks of life, with a simple mission.


Join Captain Kensington and the crew of the Avenger-Class Ascendant as they struggle in their mission to rebuild the Federation and bring life and hope back to the galaxy.

This is the new frontier, this is Star Trek: Ascendant.

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Title: Too restless for a starbase?
Ad Text:

If you are too restless for a colony or space station, and you yearn to find things that no one else has seen, or do things no one else has done, then have we got a propsition for you! The USS Winchester, a Defiant class ship, is looking for crew! We have a dedicated core of great writers but we need more people. After all, we can't do everything now, can we? As you may or may not know, the Defiant class is more of a fighter than a science vessel, however, we have carved out enough space for a science lab on board. Our crew is tough and able to hold its own in a fight, but we want to know the why of the universe too. We strive for knowledge and we're able to defend ourselves and protect others if our travels demand it. Check us out and join up. It'll be fun!
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